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Maryland Retirement Plan Mandate
Effective 9/6/2022

UPDATE: Maryland Retirement Plan Mandate

Maryland may be requiring any employer with a W-2 employee working in Maryland to comply with its retirement plan mandate.

This would mean, for example, that a Minnesota employer with one remote employee working from Maryland might need to comply.

Dunathan Consulting and our ADP colleagues are working hard to get clarification from the state of Maryland.  More soon on this important topic.

Maryland Retirement Plan Mandate – what you need to know

Maryland employers will be getting a notice from the state shortly about the new state mandate to provide a retirement plan for their employees. In this video, Dunathan Consulting speaks with a retirement planner from ADP about Maryland’s new requirement.

Learn whether the mandate applies to your company, find out more about the options you have to meet the mandate, and discover what happens if you don’t.

Freddy’s List of Key Points

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