Practical Help for Small Business Owners

We’ll get you set up with effective administrative systems, so you can focus on running your business.

Are you swamped, trying to keep up with managing finances, HR, paperwork, and more?  Tired of webinars that tell you to do it right – but are short on specifics for how to do that in your own business?  Have you tried writing a business plan, hiring a bookkeeper, attempting projections in Excel – but you still feel overwhelmed?  We know just how that feels, and we can help.

Dunathan Consulting provides practical, hands-on assistance to get systems in place that will work for you and your business.  Whether it’s getting financial tasks under control, choosing the right file-sharing system, or preparing to hire your first employee, we know what needs to be done and can help you do it.  You’re expert in your business, and we’re expert at freeing you up to do what you do best.

About Dunathan Consulting

Dunathan Consulting helps small business owners who feel burdened by administrative tasks to set up straightforward, effective systems to simplify their work lives.

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Services Overview

Dunathan Consulting acts as your “temporary COO” – we’ll talk to you about how you work and what you need, and then we’ll find and implement simple solutions that work for you and your business.  Once everything is running smoothly for you, we’re done – but we’re only a phone call away if you need us again.

We can also help you with planning of all kinds, including developing business and strategic plans, budgets, and financial projections that make sense to you and help you reach your goals.  Contact us to see how we can help you reach your business goals.

Coming soon: online resources to make it easier to manage your business.

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Free links and information to help you thrive 

A great tool for testing out a business idea, or for identifying areas that might need attention in your existing business, is Strategyzer’s Business Model Canvas.  On their site, you can watch a short video that explains the concept, or dive deeper with a wide variety of free downloadable resources.  Start here:

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has a rich site with free information on many subjects in many forms, including text, video, online courses, statistics, and other resources.  Start with their small business area and dig into whatever topics you need help with:

Click here to view other resources.

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