If you’re serious about growing your business, get serious about building a healthy operational foundation that can scale up as you grow.

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Customers are the lifeblood of your business. Your operations should keep that lifeblood flowing smoothly. Are you stretched thin trying to keep up with increased customer demand? Are your staff able to keep things running like clockwork, or does every issue somehow end up in your lap? Do you have the information you need, when you need it? Is every customer consistently experiencing the best your company has to offer?

At Dunathan Consulting, it’s our goal to help you create a sound foundation that can support your business as it grows. That same foundation can help you transition smoothly when it’s time to retire or sell.


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Consulting For Growth

As your business grows, it often outgrows the way you used to do things – whether that’s recruiting and hiring, tracking sales and other financial data, capturing and using marketing information effectively, serving your customers, or any other aspect of your operations. We help you evaluate each area of your business and identify improvements that will help you and your staff operate smoothly and efficiently. We can also help you implement the changes you’ll need to make, to give you a jumpstart for your next stage of growth.

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Consulting for Exit

Whether you’re getting ready to hand off your business to the next generation, or preparing to sell your business on the open market, the transition will be far easier if your operations are running smoothly. Let us help you get things organized and get everyone up to speed on their roles and responsibilities, so that you can take worry-free vacations now, and transition confidently when the time comes. Plus, if you’re looking to sell, a well-organized “turnkey” business is very attractive to potential buyers.

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