Wondering whether Dunathan Consulting can help you grow your business? Here are a few examples to show you what we can do for you.

From chaos to a well-oiled machine

The owner of a growing business felt nervous about expanding because her staff were hardworking but untrained, so even routine activities turned into mini-crises. She knew she needed help, but wasn’t sure where to start, so she brought in Dunathan Consulting to make an assessment.

By spending time in the office to understand how things functioned, we were able to identify several areas that needed improvement, starting with financial management. Dunathan Consulting put simple processes in place for bill payment, deposits, payroll, and bookkeeping, and trained her staff to use them consistently.  

Her office is now a calm, busy, productive, happy space, and she is focused on marketing, sales, and serving her customers instead of worrying about the back office.

Kickstarting growth 

The partners of a newly formed company knew they were a bit stuck and needed some guidance to create a plan to grow their business.  

When they engaged Dunathan Consulting, we found that although they knew each other very well, there were a lot of questions about their goals, target markets and key services that they had never discussed in detail.  The simple planning process we coached them through enabled them to verbalize their ideas and agree on clear goals and activities to focus on. 

As a result, the partners gained confidence and were able to focus their efforts to successfully bring in new business. 

Bookkeeping mess

A business owner was having trouble using QuickBooks to record her Paypal transactions. She had previously hired two bookkeepers to solve the problem, but had no success at bringing order to her books.

When she turned to Dunathan Consulting, we helped her to understand and process the four types of PayPal transactions that her business generated. Then we taught her how to reconcile her PayPal account with her bank accounts so that she knew she could trust the QuickBooks data for tax preparation and business planning. 

With less than ten hours of consulting, she is now empowered to handle the bookkeeping herself, and is able to troubleshoot and solve problems on her own instead of relying on expensive outside support.

HR Policies pay off

Prior to bringing on new employees, a business owner wanted to establish a clear HR process. Dunathan Consulting helped the owner develop basic policies to cover work hours and time off.

Months later, when one of the employees had a baby, the HR policies provided clear expectations to everyone for the employee’s maternity leave, allowing the employee to take the time she needed while the employer was able to manage in her absence. 

The transition period went well and the employee continues to be a loyal, long-term, committed member of the staff.

Getting accounting right

The owner of a vegetable farm was interested in replacing his manual accounting process with QuickBooks. The trouble was that many stores changed their orders when he arrived to deliver the produce, making the prepared invoice invalid. Customers also had a habit of showing up to the farm and buying with cash, leaving no record of the sale.

Dunathan Consulting helped him develop flexible processes that enabled him to make the best use of QuickBooks without complicating his sales interactions. Ultimately he was able to generate reports to give him up-to-date sales data during the growing season for better decision-making.

Better data means better management

The board of a nonprofit organization contacted Dunathan Consulting because they were dealing with some negative feedback from a grantor, who was concerned about inaccurate data and how the finances were being managed.

By assessing their current practices and operational constraints, Dunathan Consulting was able to design new processes that fit the work environment. We worked with the organization’s staff to revamp how they captured data, tracked expenses and ultimately reported the information to funders. 

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