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We can help you create a turnkey operation
to maximize your sale price and ease the transition.


You’ve built your business over years, maybe even decades.  It’s provided you and your staff a good living all this time…but it’s time to think about moving on to your next adventure.

When you imagine handing your business over to a new owner, do you picture passing over the keys and walking away happy?  Or does the idea of training the new owner on how things are run make you cringe?

Don’t worry, we can help.  We’ll work with you to document how things are done, cross-train key employees, and ensure that your legacy continues long after you’ve left.  We can also connect you with key experts to help you plan your successful exit and handle the sale or transfer.

Whether you plan to sell on the open market or transfer to the next generation, it pays to prepare, so you can reap the rewards of all the hard work you put into the business.

Your Unique Business

With 20 years of experience under our belts, we understand that every business has a unique set of needs, so our first order of business is to learn about you. We’ll spend time with you and your staff to understand how you do things and translate that into teachable processes.

More specifically, we will…

Observe your business in action, from where you stash receipts to how your employees interact

Prioritize which areas of operation need documenting to ensure an easy transition

Update processes as we go to ensure everything is running smoothly, both before and after the sale

Cross-train your staff to handle most routine aspects of the operation

Let’s make your business ready for whatever comes next.

Documented Processes

Efficient, teachable processes keep the business operating smoothly

Cross-Trained Staff

Everything runs well, even if one person is out sick or leaves the company

A computer monitor

Clear Roles and Responsibilities

Everyone’s on the same page, before and after transition

Secure Information Access

Passwords, confidential files, and other restricted information are documented and securely available to those who need them

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Exit Consulting Spotlight

An international public health group needed to transition its work to another agency in a different country. Dunathan Consulting was hired to help ease the transition.

The existing staff were not able to transition to the new agency, so the work had to be documented fully so that new people could perform it without any training from the existing staff. We worked with the existing staff to document key processes and create a handbook that would cover all aspects of the entire operation, from highly technical work to relationship-building processes among stakeholders. We also worked with the group to make important updates to processes and tools to ensure that the operation was as robust as possible before transfer.

The transfer went smoothly and the new agency was able to incorporate the operation into its own business effectively, with minimal downtime.

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