Client Testimonials

“We felt Andrea was in touch with our needs as a nonprofit organization. She was able to help us understand and take us through the steps of our “new budget” process, creating a very comfortable experience.”

Melissa Kesterson, Executive Director, Project Grow Community Gardens

“[Andrea’s] leadership in the analysis was crucial to our final success….The quality of her analysis and recommendations is without peer. I highly recommend Andrea.”

Larry Olijar, MIS Manager, PMP at John Snow, Inc.

“Dunathan Consulting helped us shine a light and concentrate on the key drivers of a major business unit.  They analyzed the business, worked with staff, and prepared flexible reports for management that focused on the critical factors necessary for us to make informed strategic decisions and allow greater insight into operational efficiency regarding processes and outputs.”

Tom Crawford, Chief Financial Officer, City of Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Andrea is by far one of the most productive and valuable business partners with whom I have had the opportunity to work. When working with us to build an important new capability for our global company, she quickly demonstrated a keen understanding of (and respect for) our business culture, values, and approaches. But what I valued most about Andrea’s partnership is her uncanny ability to thoroughly assess what we saw as challenges and translate them into meaningful opportunities for the business. ”

Managing Director, information services company

“Dunathan Consulting spent a year working with my project, helping with a hefty data cleaning and migration project, and redesigning the process for accepting data from one of our data providers. Andrea’s involvement was critical in cleaning out the inaccurate and incomplete data in the database and replacing the existing process for data submission with one that would preserve accuracies in the data. In addition, as a new Business Analyst, I learned a lot about data management and business process redesign from working with her, which are skills I have been able to continue to build upon and use in my career.”

Joy K., Technical Advisor/Business Analyst, international public health consulting company

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